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Silmarillion Fan Art



After watching Excel Saga, IIpalazzo rekindled my obsession of silver haired bishounen-from Sephiroth to Joachim Armster.  I knew I had to draw Olwe. Background is Alqualonde.



Toddler Celegorm

Toddler Celegorm looking surly because his mom made him wear nice clothes for a pose. 

I drew this in Photoshop from scratch, without a scanned sketch, in 2 hrs after I finished 'Olwe'. In hindsight, I should have done I sketch. kiddie Celegorm doesn't look that nice >_<

Child Maglor

Little Maglor played his first harp. I imagined it a Leap Frog like educational tool for young elves. Feanor crafted it for his children to learn music. 



Feanor and toddler Maedhros

I hope lil Maedhros looks cute in this pic. I think there's a reason why Maedhros' followed the Oath till the end. 







The Wanderer

Maglor sings his lamentation by the sea


Amrod and Amras

always together...poor elves

Feanor in His Forge

Not feeling inspired....

Maedhros Waiting for Fingon

Enough Said

Caranthir in Pantene commercial ^_^

Celebrimbor Contemplating His Fate

Feanor again

(not happy with the background...oh well)

Lament of Innocence


large file warning


(or his Elvish hair)

large file warning


the Fair



Maglor with Baby Elros colored and edited version

Maglor with Baby Elros colored version with no background

Feanor (Kojima style)

warning:large file





Miriel and Feanor

Maglor and Elros


Finwe and Feanor

Feanor and Silmaril

Aftere Rescue(Maedhros and Fingon)

First Age Sauron


Caranthir Sketch