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SD Feanorians

Chibi Feanorians hanging out around Valinor. 

The seven sons of Feanor, and Feanor himself are always up to some mischief. 

(Click on the thumbnail to see full size pic)

Sleeping Feanor with his Silmaril

Maedhros with his best Friend Fingon (ok, Fingon is not a Feanorian, but he hangs around Maedhros too much)

Maglor charms the bird

Celegorm and his buddy Huan

Curufin, Atarinke :)

Caranthir with poor Angrod

Amrod and Amras

Feanor with baby Maedhros

Fingolfin's Revenge-see what happens when Fingolfin borrowed Earendil's Silmaril

Everything is big in Valinor! Maedhros is yelling at Fingon to come help him pull out the supersize turnip for supper tonight

Feanor's Confession Comic-the real reason behind Feanor's Silmaril obsession

Fingolfin's Stroll

101 Use for Spirit of Fire-when Valinor gets cold

I was freezing in my aprt, and I thought I sure can use a Spirit of Fire :)

Truth About Hair

Truth behind the so called Feanor's Galadriel hair fixation


Maglor Visits Osaka Castle

Who said Maglor has to wander forever in torment? He's sending Dad and brothers a postcard of him wearing a yukata and eating takoyaki :)



Feanor and his sons received Maglor's trip photos

Feanor and Namo chilled out in Mandos

The Naming of Caranthir

Maglor Does Shakespear

Glorfindel's Growing Pain

ps. the spelling error is intentional

How Morgoth Defeated Fingolfin

I feel really sorry for Fingolfin-poo



Valinor Cookout

Feanor and brothers slaving at the food while their wives enjoy some drinks

One more reason to snag an elf for hubby...all elf men cook and enjoy household duties (canon)


Olwe's Objection

The real reason behind Olwe's refusal to help the Noldor leave Aman




The reason for creating the Silmarils

It's tough being a hubby...